mcMMO Archery



Archery is all about improving your bow shot! Earn XP by successfully hitting targets with your arrows. The further, the better!
Skill Shot This passive ability increases the amount of damage you can deal with bow and arrows. Gains +10% extra damage every 50 levels, with a maximum of +100%. Once skill reaches level 1000, you will inflict triple damage.
Daze Daze has a chance of giving your opponent nausea and deals an extra 4 heart damage. Also, it forces the player to look upwards, giving a big advantage in PvP. Chance of dazing an opponent increases by 0.05% for each level of Archery. Daze caps at level 1000 with 50%.
Arrow Retrieval This passive ability allows you to pick up arrows that you have fired at mobs and enemies in PvP. The chance for this stat increases by 0.1% with each level of Archery, having a cap at 100% at level 1000.
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