mcMMO Fishing


Fishing allows you to loot all kinds of treasure whilst fishing.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunting is an ability that increases the chance to give useful items when fishing.
Magic Hunter Magic Hunter is an ability that allows armor and tools obtained from Treasure Hunter to be enchanted. Magic Hunter is able to catch tools and armor with enchantment combinations that are unavailable by normal means, such as Silk Touch and Fortune together or Smite and Bane of Arthropods together.
Ice Fishing This ability allows you to fish in icy biomes. Cast your fishing rod on an ice block and a water hole should appear.
Master Angler Improves chance of getting a bite while fishing. This passive skill increases the bite chance while fishing. When you've unlocked this ability, fishing while in a boat or when an ocean biome doubles the bite chance.
Shake Shake is an ability that can pull drops and held items from mobs by hooking them with a fishing rod. It can be used repeatedly for a large number of items depending on the remaining health of the mob. However, this reduces the durability of the fishing rod drastically. The fishing rod, when used in this method, will always deal damage equivalent to 25% of the maximum health of the mob.
FIsherman's Diet Improves hunger restored from fished food. This ability increases the number of hunger units regenerated by consuming fish. It is measured in ranks, increasing once every 200 levels, and capping at level 1000.
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