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Repair isn't as simple as the other skills! You can use an Iron Block to repair armor and tools. Yep, you read that right.
Repair Repair Tools and Armor. Place down a mcMMO Anvil and right-click to repair the item you're currently holding. This consumes 1 item on every use.
Repair Mastery Increased repair amount. Repair Mastery increases the repair amount. The extra amount repaired is influenced by your Repair skill level.
Super Repair Super Repair is a passive ability. When repairing an item, it grants players a chance to repair an item with double effectiveness.
Diamond Repair Repair Diamond Tools & Armor. Requires Repair Skill 50+.
Arcane Forging Arcane Forging is used to keep enchantments on items after repairing them, It starts at level 1 of the “Repair” skill. At a 10% success chance, this is the level at which Arcane Forging starts. Each level afterwards adds a small % increase. such as at level 125 you gain a 10%, level 250 a 20%, at level 750 you get a 50% cap. Along with this, there is a chance for a downgrade on the enchantment. For example, a Power II Bow could potentially become a Power I Bow.
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