mcMMO Swords



Earn XP by hitting mobs & players. Unlock a range of abilties increase extra damage and counter attacks.
Counter Attack Counter Attack takes part of the damage dealt to you and returns half of it to the attacking player or crowd. The only exception to this will be having half a heart left. The chance of being able to Counter Attack depends on your swords level and increases the level up to 31%.
Serrated Strikes You will be able to activate this ability by right clicking while holding your sword, allowing the attacking player to generate a bleed effect, the time for bleeding is based on the “Swords” level of the user.
Bleed Causes enemies to take damage every 2 seconds. If you apply bleed to a mob, the mob will bleed until the effect wears off or dies, whichever comes first will happen. The duration of the bleed is increased by your “Swords” skill.
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