mcMMO Axes


Did you know that axes are good for combat too? Take out mobs and inflict deadly damage.
Skull Splitter While holding an Axe in your hand, you can right-click a block, making your active ability ready to be used. The ability will then get activated by hitting Mobs/Players. Skull Splitter allows you to do an “Area of Effect” hit, also known as “AoE”, damaging everyone within a half blocks radius from your target, dealing half the damage you are dealing to the target. This ability works for a limited amount of time starting out at 2 seconds, increasing by 1 second every 50 levels.
Critical Strikes Critical Strikes doubles the amount of damage you deal with your axe. This is great when eliminating high defense targets. The ability starts to max out at 50%.
Axe Mastery Axe Mastery inflicts more damage depending on your axe level. Axe mastery increases damage done from axes by 0.02 per level, exceeding at +4 bonus damage at level 200.
Armor Impact Armor Impact increases the amount of damage an axe does to any armor. This perk starts with an armor damage bonus, increasing by 0.02% per level in axes.
Greater Impact Greater Impact is a passive skill that adds 2 extra damage (1 heart) when no armour is being used while battling against mobs or players. Greater Impact also adds Knockback effect similar as “Knockback II” on a sword and makes an explosive sound when activated. Greater Impact has a 25% chance of being triggered each hit.
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